Sunday, August 22, 2010

First Date

this is the first of several entries about my first couple dates with this guy chad. i can’t find the entry that initially set this up, so i’ll do it very briefly. chad and two of his work buddies used to come in to my bar regularly after work. chad and dave and…. i think his name was colin. they obviously liked me very much, and other than colin, i liked them as well. very fun guys, pretty cute, too! anyway, chad worked up the balls to ask me out one night. so here’s what happened on our first date:

it’s a little after 6:30 that night when Chad picks me up at my house. He’s dressed in black slacks and a burgundy dress shirt. And he’s looking pretty fine, let me tell you! He’s got short light brown hair, clean shaven. He’s not skinny or fat, but nicely in between…. Not ripped with muscles, but he obviously has them. About 6 feet tall and just handsome and sexy and cute!

He starts things off right by saying, “wow, you look gorgeous. Can’t say I’m really surprised though.” I thank him and invite him in for a drink. We go straight to the kitchen and I pour us both some wine. He asks about the rest of the house, commenting that it’s a nice place. I tell him he’ll get the full tour later. We chat, very friendly and a little flirty. A little after 7, he checks his watch and says we should get going. We down the rest of our wine, I grab my black pleather jacket, and we get into his car – a black sports car of some kind. (I’m terrible with cars, but it was nice)

He takes me to the Great American Land And Cattle Co., a restaurant not too far from where I live. It’s a nice place, with some really good food. I’ll skip quite a bit here, and just tell you that throughout dinner, we had some very pleasant conversation, plenty of flirting with lots of sexual hints and double-meanings and such. He told me that he asked me out when he did, because he knew Dave was going to ask me soon, and he didn’t want me to get stolen away by him. I laughed and told him that I don’t get stolen away too easily. Then I decided I’d best get it out there that I’m not a one-man-girl. I said “besides, no one guy has had me exclusively since high school.” I mean, I don’t want him thinking that I’ll be his and only his. He either didn’t quite get what I was after, or is pretty damn confident…. Or maybe a bit of both. He said “we’ll see what I can do about that.”

Again, skipping ahead quite a bit, we spent a lot of time after dinner, just sitting at our table, eating dessert, drinking and talking. He’s still one of the most charming people I’ve ever met, and I was having a blast just talking with him. Of course, it didn’t hurt that there was all kinds of sexual tension between us!

It was after 10 when he looked at his watch and I asked if we needed to get going for whatever else he had planned. He laughed and said that it was too late. We’d had such a good time just talking, and were so into each other, that we both lost track of time. He still refused to tell me what it was we were going to do, saying it was still a surprise and we’d still do it sometime.

Another hour or so passed, and it was time for him to take me home. In the parking lot, he opened my door for me, and before getting in, I kissed him softly, with a hint of a promise of things to come. When we got to my place, I kissed him again and asked if he wanted to come in. he was obviously pretty torn. He knew I was asking him to come in and fuck me. There was no doubt we both wanted it. Eventually, he said no. he had to be at work early the next day, like by 6. I asked “don’t you want to?” and he said “of course I fucking want to! But I’m not going in just for a quick drink and some chit chat. When I go in there with you, we’re going to do it right.” Then he leaned over in his seat and kissed me pretty fiercely. Very hot. He slid a hand to my tit as we kissed and gave it a squeeze, then rolled his thumb over my nipple. I broke back from the kiss and asked. “how bout I give you just a little taste then?”

Without waiting for a response, my hands went to his crotch. I massaged his already hard cock through his pants with one hand, while the other struggled with his belt. He gave no resistance whatsoever, in fact he even helped me free his cock. A moment later and I had him in my mouth. It was a bit awkward positioning in his car, but I was determined to give him a great blow job. Hands, lips, tongue were all working for me (and for him!), and I was really into it. He lasted several minutes before cumming in my mouth. I swallowed him down, licked him clean, then leaned back in my seat. “wow” was the first thing out of his mouth. He followed that with “you are so fucking hot!” I told him I was very glad he thought so. Then he asked “can I get another small taste? Just something small.” I asked what he had in mind. “I just have to get a look at those amazing tits of yours,” he said.

I smirked, and slid off my jacket. Then I lifted off my top. I kept my eyes on his (and his were on my tits) as I caressed my breasts over my bra. Then I thrust my front out at him as I reached behind me and unhooked my bra. As it slid off of me, revealing my large tits, he just made a noise. Something like the campbell’s soup thing: “mm mm mm!” he reached out and cupped one in each hand. “absolutely gorgeous,” he said, sizing them up, lifting them as if weighing them, running fingers over my nipples, squeezing and teasing slightly. They were already perky since I was pretty turned on from the blow job. He licked his lips, and that’s when I stopped him, taking his hands in mine and pulling them away from me. “there’s your taste,” I said. “you want to get to know them better, you come in tonight or wait until next time.”

He debated this for a moment. “when will next time be?” I told him “that’s up to you.” Another moment, then “next time it will have to be. God damn, you’re beautiful!” I smiled, kissed him, then slipped my jacket on. I only buttoned one button, to keep my tits from falling out. I gathered up my top and bra, kissed him again passionately, and we said our goodbyes. And that was that.